The Functional Foot

Yellowstone Seminars Presents…

“The Functional Shoulder”

Welcome to The Functional Shoulder, a continuing education resource for rehabilitation professionals who provide care for patients with upper extremity dysfunction. Our mission is to provide the best continuing education experience and value for your dollar in order to help you gain a biomechanically based understanding of how the shoulder complex functions in real life. Our goal is for you to take away practical knowledge and treatment interventions that will immediately benefit your patients.

I look forward to the opportunity to meet you, help you advance your knowledge and expand your professional toolbox.




  • Understanding and Applying the Concept of Regional Interdependence to Maximize Treatment Outcomes for the Shoulder
  • Recognition of Resting Position vs. Neutral Alignment in Order to Sharpen Examination Skills
  • How to Apply the Evidence to Care of the Shoulder
  • Functional Therapeutic Exercise Interventions for Common Shoulder Pathologies
  • Options for Self Management of Shoulder Pathology via a Comprehensive Home Exercise Program


"Steve has a great approach to assessing shoulder dysfunction with a presentation that is both clear and detailed.  And then he shows you great methods to correct the problems you have discovered.  His seminar seems the equivalent to an entire college course.  Well worth attending."
-B Waldeisen

"This course created a detailed framework for assessing and treating shoulder dysfunction and addressed the importance of including the entire kinetic chain in your treatment approach.  Steve presented in such a way that made it easy to integrate these new skills into the clinical setting."
-A Rogers

“Excellent instruction!  Concepts were explained very clearly and questions were answered thoroughly.  Can I please come and shadow Steve or Travis?”

“I wish, I wish, I wish this was taught to me in school.  My patients will greatly benefit from this course.”
“This was a fantastic class filled with good, useful information.  I’m much less intimidated about treating shoulder patients after attending this course.”